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Requiem of a Dream

Smoke lingers in the air

The stars alight

These are the times I stop to think

What could have been if you were there

What horrors could have ceased to exist

Yet it could never be so

For you are gone for a world of tomorrow

And tonight is a requiem of a dream long past



Dusk ’til dawn, day ’til night

There came a man

Who gave in in fright

With pale translucent skin

And haunted grey eyes,

It’s time to tell his next of kin

Which one is next to die



it matters not the sirens

or the finger on the button

seeds of lazy Susan

aroused her perverted killers

a single interaction

collapsed her twists and vines

the pill and the possessor

dragged the symphonic sound

whereby all her teeth blacken

draped in rotten groves

fog cowers in the mirror light

becomes invincible in almost twilight

the pill and the possessor

her lips laced with crowns

it matters not the sirens

the finger saved her life



Filibuster the old man down
His fickle heart close to shattering
Vibrations astound his breath
While he wakes by the morning moon
He closed his fists and drank his pills
He sunk his teeth beneath his tongue
Veined and vengeful the dirt of his loot
Closeted in his arms he never washed
Polymer threads dangling near his mouth,
He’d been eating the cloth of his sheets
Alone he wears out his mobile feet
They no longer feel the earth but the translucency of his skin
Like the rubber of excess glue
Withering in his painful sleep
A familiar nostalgia drones his pupils
It drenches his reveries, hope turns to a frown
He lived too long